Plan & Priorities

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IMAPCT: Make District 3 (City West) a choice community where people feel safe, valued, and hopeful for opportunities.


Foundation: Building Trust & Transparency

  • Restore residents and business owners trust in their local government with regular communication and engagement about their community.
  • Establish a Community Advisory Committee that ensures accountability, opportunities to share information down into the community, and expand the reach of the council office.
  • Restore the District Three Implementation Committee to provide residents and stakeholders review of upcoming projects and to help safeguard the General and Specific Plans.
  • Host quarterly Neighborhood Check-In that brings city and community resources to the people and allow for questions and information.
  • Work collaboratively with the mayor, peer council members and other electeds to address district and city-wide priorities.
  • Report annually how City dollars and resources have been used related to and for the benefit of district stakeholders.
  • Advocate the District’s equitable share of federal and state funding earmarked to address social and economic challenges (tax credits, grant funds, federal allocations).
  • Ensure various stakeholders are represented and have voices at the table for advisory board & commissions, my appointments, and in my Council office.

MEDIA| Tate Hill speaks on behalf of Southwest Specific Plan Committee to City Council (Fresno Bee 11/30/2016)

Vibrant Urban Economy

  • Target $1 billion of new public and private investments in the district that will grow jobs, expand businesses, increase retail services and improve the built environment.
  • Support and incentivize in-fill development through concierge-styled development assistance, fee reductions, and leveraging state and federal tax incentives or zones.
  • Identify local, state and federal resources for the needed infrastructure (water, streets, sidewalks, utilities) to support redevelopment and new development.
  • Encouraging local entrepreneurship and small business expansion with first year sales tax/fee reductions.
  • Create an ordinance that increases the City’s utilization of local, small and diverse businesses in construction and professional services and annually reporting its outcomes.
  • Support quality high density and transit-oriented development in downtown and Chinatown and in job corridors like on Elm and Blackstone Avenues.
  • Advocate and enforce the community-led General, Downtown, Tower, and Southwest Specific Plans and Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) that act as roadmaps for good development for the next 20 years.
  • Expand FAX and public transportation services so it becomes a reliable, preferable source for students and workers in the District.
  • Attract and locate retail shopping in District that best fits the neighborhoods needs and culture.
  • Support the growth of Downtown as a regional economic hub and Fulton District as an entertainment destination.
Tate Hill SW Specific Plan_Resident Ideas

Tate leading conversation with residents on the Southwest Specific Plan

Restore Our Historic Neighborhoods

  • Develop and share a comprehensive street, sidewalk and tree maintenance and improvement schedule to preserve our established neighborhoods.
  • Ensure parks are safe, secure and viable resources for neighborhood and regional recreation.
  • Re-establish the City’s home rehabilitation program to assist seniors and low-income homeowners with basic repairs and enhancements.
  • Partner with City administration, County of Fresno, Fresno Housing Authority, the Continuum of Care and other nonprofits to implement a comprehensive plan to address chronic homelessness through housing first and access to support services.
  • Encouraging in-fill development that brings needed services and yet honors the neighborhoods and residents.
  • Develop a new policy to make it easier for residents to close their alley to reduce dumping and other illegal activities.

Safety for All

  • Enhance police presence in our neighborhoods with additional patrolling.
  • Increasing the number of police officers that will allow for greater community policing.
  • Encouraging crime reporting by facilitating positive law enforcement interactions.
  • Ensure that FAX bus stops are safe locations with proper lighting and an emergency contact system.
  • Restore a sense of safety for victims with a visit from the police department for non-violent crimes like home and auto theft.
  • Continue professional training for officers that will enhance their capacity to service (diffuse issues, non-lethal resolution, etc.).
  • Continued enforcement and special units against hate crime, human trafficking and  domestic violence.
  • Explore alternative strategies like Richmond’s Office of Neighborhood Safety to reduce gun violence.


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