Black Chamber Leadership Responses to Arias Attacks on Tate Hill and Chamber

Statement from T’Shaka Toure, Board Chair, Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce:
In response to the false message being circulated and flyer posted:
“I am joining other board members in leaving as a vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” given the lack of fiscal accountability, adherence of financial controls, manipulations of corporate bylaws, and failure to pay several vendors – Allyson William, Founding Chair, Fresno Black Metro Chamber of Commerce.”
As the current FMBCC Board Chair this statement is Incorrect, Inaccurate, Insidious, False, and Dirty Politics. If this is what’s in store for Council leadership under Miguel Arias we all better beware. There are no ‘Current FMBCC Board Members” who have aligned nor endorsed the false statement regarding “no confidence” for Mr. Tate Hill.
On the contrary, Tate Hill’s leadership, ethics, and integrity was exemplary while serving the Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce and Foundation. I have FULL CONFIDENCE in Tate Hill as the best candidate for District 3.
Statement from Richard ‘Dick’ Keyes, Founding/Current Treasurer, Fresno Metro Black Chamber Foundation:
As treasurer of the Black Chamber Foundation I wholeheartedly agree with T’Shaka Toure. These statements are blatantly false. It would also be nice if the author of this statement is going to misquote Allysunn that they at least spell her name right.

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