Miller-Hill Joint Statement of Support

Hill Miller Vibe

October 28, 2018 (Fresno, CA)— In a joint statement to the community and voters, Tate Hill and Daren Miller are publicly supporting each other’s campaigns for office.

Daren Miller, long-time K-16 educator and community leader in Fresno is running to be a Trustee for State Center Community College District (SCCCD), Area 5 while Tate Hill, small business leader and long-time resident is running for Fresno City Council, District 3.

“Daren has been committed to excellence in education and the powerful impact it has in our community” says Tate Hill. He continues, “I believe he would be an effective trustee for the district and the community he would represent and that’s why I’m supporting him.”

Daren is unwavering in his support for Hill saying, “I am voting for Tate because I believe that he represents the best opportunity for healthy growth and long-term prosperity for ALL residents in District 3. And, I encourage everyone in District 3 to support his campaign and ultimate election as the next representative for the area”.

Both candidates are committed to working with each other to make sure the people in Fresno City Council, District 3 and SCCCD, Area 5 have access to a higher quality of life which includes a quality education and workforce training that leads to gainful employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to benefit their families and the community.

On General Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th, everyone is encouraged to vote for Tate Hill and Daren Miller.

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