Democratic Leader Dottie Smith Recommends Tate Hill for City Council

October 9, 2018–  Former State Center Community District Trustee and past Chair of the Fresno County Democratic Women’s Club recommends Tate Hill for Fresno City Council District 3 in an email sent to supporters.

“I have listed recommendations for all of the offices Fresno County residents living within Fresno City limits can vote for depending on where they live” says Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Smith. “Please share and encourage family, friends and others to VOTE!”

Dottie Smith has been a leader in the greater Fresno community as a educator, political leader and a elected officials.

“I really appreciate the support and guidance from trailblazers like Ms. Dottie Smith who has been and continue a pillar in the African-American and the Democrat communities” says Tate Hill.

See the full list from Tate’s Facebook page: 

About Tate Hill

Tate Hill is a long term resident of Fresno – District 3 and running for City Council. Tate has more than a decade of experience working in south Fresno to spur jobs, entrepreneurship and good neighborhoods. He is a sought out leader with a track record of working with residents, business and government to address community economic development issues along with  serving on the board of the Greenlining Institute, Fresno Mayor’s Advisory Council and as the founding chair of Creative Fresno. This former Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce CEO and now Senior Manager at nonprofit small business lender, Access Plus Capital is pushing to change the narrative of his city from one of  poverty to opportunities. For more information, go to




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