My District 3 Compact

This is why I am running to serve the people of Fresno and residents of District 3:

We need someone with a HEART for the community

I love District 3. My family and I are vested members in the community for more than 30 years. I was West Fresno-educated from Ivy Head Start to Edison High School and have almost always worked in West Fresno or downtown since I was 15. This is not just about a campaign, political power or elections, but my PASSION for helping lead the community and City that I am committed to and love.

We need someone who LISTENS

I understand our community is looking for someone who will listen to our needs, issues and ideas. I know listening to others is important in making decisions that impacts our neighborhoods, businesses, and our families. I care about the future of our district and city.


South Fresno has faced challenges for decades. We are now building momentum for bringing in new businesses, creating jobs, and quality housing. We will continue to need someone that can bring together residents, elected officials, business and labor leaders to help move our city forward.

Throughout my professional career and community involvement, I have worked with community, government and the private sector to address South Fresno’s challenges. I stepped forward to serve on various committees to direct future development, encouraging responsible business growth, safeguard our environment, and promote local jobs in effort to finds the best solutions for the future of the District.

We Need someone who shares our VALUES

Growing up, living in and still active in the District, I have a deep understanding on the challenges, opportunities and strengths of the community and will speak with a collective voice. I live in our diversity, understand our values, feel our passion, and I am committed to our desire to protect our history while planning for a better future.

We need someone with REAL EXPERIENCE

My life’s work over the last 15 years in community economic development has equipped me for this new chapter. As a small business owner and past chamber CEO, I have worked with the private and public sector to encourage the creation of local jobs and using local businesses. As an advocate, I worked to increase the community’s voice and impact policy on issues including the green economy, diversity & inclusion, and small business. Also as the active appointee to several City and District-specific commissions and boards, I have been a part of the planning processes and I will be able to step right in an elevated level of leadership as council member. This is important at a time when development and big projects are moving forward in the District and we will need someone that will be ready to serve and hold stakeholders accountable in the best interest of the community.

This is my commitment to the community.

Tate Hill II